Wande Coal Is A Genius, His Exit From Mavin Records Hurt Me: Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy, a popular music executive and Mavin producer, has explained why he was hurt when Wande Coal left his record label.

Wande coal’s departure from his record label, according to

Jazzy, hurt him because he was like a child he raised and then had to let go as an adult after all the training

He asserts that

“Wande Coal is a genius and a music vocalist we found when we went for a show in UNILAG.

“Every separation hurts whether amicable or not.

“Wande exit was like when you train a child and then he has to go when he’s an adult.

“It hurts because I had to start building again, friendship and all of that.

“You’ll know Wande’s exit hurt me because I had to tweet about it.”

Don Jazzy, however, apologised to his fans for making such tweet about Wande Coal’s exit.


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